What are Sole Spikes?

Sole Spikes are Action Traction!Sole Spikes are engineered cleats for use in your boots and shoes for outdoor activities that demand reliable traction such as trail running, fly fishing, hiking and even harsh working conditions where you can’t afford to slip and fall.  Sole Spikes are made from cold forged, heat hardened stainless steel to provide you with traction in harsh conditions. Each Sole Spike has 28 biting edges to give you the traction you demand and they are a cut above sheet metal screws for long lasting traction that won’t round off and cause dangerous potential for slipping. Find out why our customers say that Sole Spikes by Goat Head Gear are the World’s best screw in traction system on the market today!

Sole Spikes come in two lengths:

  • 3/8″ for all shoes especially running shoes, sandals, or boots where tread thickness may be an issue. It is our all around original Sole Spike.
  • 1/2″ designed especially for boots particularly the softer soled wading boots on the market today.  That extra length provide greater hold in the boot sole.

Sole Spikes are #ActionTraction for your boots and shoes!

How do I choose?

3/8 Inch (9.5mm) Length

1/2 Inch (12.7mm) Length

“Sole Spikes leave my minimal shoes as they are. Minimal. They add no noticeable weight. They do not restrict my foot movement with any straps or rubber bands…Sole Spikes allow your foot to be natural. It allows you to attack these turns with confidence.”

– Eric from New York

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Goat Head Sole Spikes Combo Pack - 3/8" Length