Sole Spikes™ For Fishing

Goat Head Sole Spikes™ are created for the serious angler who'd rather focus on casting than maintaining footing while wading. Go confidently!

Sole Spikes in waders give you more bite!

What are Sole Spikes™?

Each cup of Sole Spikes™ comes with 24 hardened, stainless steel, easy to install traction cleats & a magnetized driver bit in a handy, reusable cup. Our patent pending Sole Spikes™ give you 28 biting edges of traction per cleat to keep you on your feet.

Product Reviews

Field & Stream

America's favorite outdoor magazine!

"Holding up better than any other spikes I've worn...and they really stick."

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Gary Borger

World renowned fly fishing personality

“The answer is Goat Head Sole Spikes. Back in the old days, we all screwed pan head sheet metal screws into the bottom of our boots to convert them into spiked soles. Goat Head Sole Spikes take that idea to a whole new level.”

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Greg Gondella

Competitive fly fisherman - Team Free Stone

"Every wading boot company out there has tried something to help with traction, problem is they didn’t have these guys behind the design...I have had Sole Spikes in my boots now for over three weeks, and I swear it’s like I just put them in"

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Jen Kugler

Fly fishing blogger -

"Hear ye. Hear ye. Are you tired of slipping on that snot moss and falling on your bum bum?! These hard headed suckas will save your patooshie from certain pain and that awkward…’I look like I wet my pants, but really I just fell in the river and water got down my waders’ walk of shame."

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Morgan Kupfer

Fly fishing blogger - TLTFF

"The Sole Spikes caught the edge and held, allowing me to stand up before any more water got down into my waders. I can honestly say that the Sole Spikes may have saved my life."

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Aaron Peterson

Fly fishing blogger - Fly Fishing Frenzy

"Goat Head Sole Spikes transform your wading boats into traction machines....The spikes come in a handy container, with traction spikes, and a custom traction spike screwdriver to attach the screws to the bottom of you boot."

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